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When Is It Time To Say Good-Bye To Your Window Treatments?

Everything has a life span including window treatments. The typical life span of window treatments is seven to ten years.  With care and cleaning it can be prolonged for another five to ten years but as with anything else window treatments do show signs of aging or wear and tear.   Do you know when it's time to buy new window treatments?   Moving into a new home and not knowing the history of the window treatments is a good time to buy new ones. Changing the color of the room is a good time to change your window treatment. Signs of wear and tear are another ideal time to say bye-bye (for e.g. dry rotten fabric)   Having them for a long time ( for e.g same style for the past 10 years) is a good time to change. Changing your style or period is also a good time (for e.g changing from Victorian to Modern) Preparing your home for sale in a year or two is also an ideal time to change the window treatment style. Here's a picture of dry rotten drapes So When Is That Time? What are some

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